Playable Positions

Preface: If it has not been made clear to you at this point, please accept that one of the conceits of this game is that the player characters are officers on a significant star ship of the federation. Everyone. Should either be on the primary bridge crew or fill another significant role on the ship. As with race, if you have a really excellent idea for a character that is not senior staff, let me know. The main fear here is that your really cool NCO engineer character will be left out of every adventure because his job is wearing a radiation suit and working in a Jefferies Tube, not beaming down with the away team for negotiations with a hostile alien race. Keeping that in mind please consider a character that is good at their job, advanced in their Starfleet career, and the shipwide authority on at least one subject. A good litmus test would be if the captain would go to your character for advice or opinion about something important, then he’s important enough to be a player character.

(Those positions marked optional below mean that the Nautilus might not even carry this position on the ship at all and the job deceived may be done by one or more other senior positions)

Captain (Justin)
Commander of the entire ship. “Yellow Alert! Open hailing frequencies and back us off nice and slow.”

Chief Engineer (Must be a Player Character)
In contrast to the Chief Science Officer, the Chief Engineer is in charge of the inner working of the Nautilus and her systems. His expertise can be applied to away missions where technology or starship systems are being investigated, so he’s not chained to his post on the ship. This position comes with a heap of story and role playing by the nature of the campaign. “The engines can’t take it captain! We have a coolant leak on deck 23!!”

Chief Tactical Officer
This position is in charge of the weapons and shields and provides tactical and strategic council to the Captain and senior staff. In the dawning age of exploration this position is often combined with the Chief Security Officer. “Shields at 32% Captain! Returning fire with Phasers! I recommend we we try to lose them in the nebula at bearing 129!”

Chief Science Officer
Controls the sensors and science station on the bridge. Studies alien life, strange radiations, and time paradoxes. “Sensors detect 27 life signs, all Klingon and one human female!”

Chief Medical Officer
Head doctor on the ship. In charge of sick bay and casualties, but often sought for advice on the topics of alien physiology, strange diseases, the effects of a transporter malfunction, or how to recombine the captain with his evil twin. “I need to treat this man immediately! He clearly has a rare case of the Selatian Flu! I’m a Doctor damn it! Let me work!”

Chief Security Officer (Optional)
Expert in hand to hand fighting and hand held weapons, the Chief Security Officer is almost always beaming down on away missions that involve the senior staff. This position is often combined with the Chief Tactical Officer (above.) “Away team to Nautilus! We are under heavy fire and need immediate beam up! Transport Hayes directly to sick bay!”

Executive Officer / First Officer (Optional)
Captain’s second in command and right hand man. Sometimes it’s own position or sometimes this role is filled by the senior head of another department (like Spock) “Captain I disagree! The ship will be destroyed if we continue! We must withdraw!”

Chief Conn Officer / Helmsmen / Navigator (Optional)
As serving on the bridge of a starship is excellent experience for the command track, many ships in Starfleet do not have a dedicated Chief Conn officer and this position is filled by junior staff on a rotating basis. The conn officer is in charge of piloting the ship and navigating the ship over long distances. “Executing evasive maneuvers! Let’s lose them in that asteroid field!”

Chief Communications Officer (Optional)
In charge of internal and external communication, away team contact, xenolinguistics, and long range or short range signals, buoys, and the like. The position is sometimes combined with the Chief Tactical Officer Position or the Operatations Officer position. “We are receiving a distress call, Captian! The code seems to be 22nd century Vulcan code..”

Chief Operations Officer (Optional)
This position manages all ship-board operations from the bridge. Engineering, Ship-Board Security, Communications, and Tactical are all monitored and directed from this position, though the position is not “in charge” of all of those things. It is position dedicated to inter-department coordination and resource management. Accessing the library computer and acting as the de facto science officer or engineering officer on the bridge (as these two positions are sometimes absent from the bridge) are also responsibilities of the Chief Operations Officer. “Captain we can only maintain this speed while modulating the shields for another 25 seconds before switching to auxiliary power! We are still 30 seconds from transporter range!”

Head Nurse (Optional)
Provides direct care to patients in sick bay and is often called to participate in away missions where a medical staff is required beyond the Chief Medical Officer. “Stay with me Lieutenant! The shuttle craft is 2 minutes out! You’re going to get through this!”

Other positions are possible, and being a member of the “Senior Staff” can be very subjective. That being said, sticking to one of the above positions is the easy road to success. Other positions would require seniority in rank but not position (a semi-retired commander serving as the ship’s cook) or personal pull with the captain or other senior staff (The captain’s life-long friend is working as a non commissioned officer in the astrogation department) but even then it becomes difficult to explain why the cook or the astrogation crewmen are involved in senior staff meetings or chosen for away missions frequently.

Playable Positions

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