Character Generation

Character Generation:

Races: You can play one of the following races, or a mixed race of any of these


Note: Human is a very good choice here. Most Starfleet officers are human. Your captain (played by Justin) is human. Maybe you have a great idea for a non-human character and, trust me, if love to hear about any great ideas anyone has. To say it another way, if you want to play a non-human you should have a really good reason. With Klingons and Romulans not being a part of the Federation in 2334 you would be hard pressed to name a non-human, non-Spock Starfleet officer before 2334 other than T’Pol.

That being said I did not list all the race options. There are a few other obscure possibilities or even an off-the-wall exception that could be made. But you would really need to make a good argument for it.

Attributes: There is an essential chart that is misprinted in the book. That and other errata can be found here:

Attribute Level Modifier
0-1 -3
2-3 -2
4-5 -1
6-7 0
8-9 1
10-11 +2
12-13 +3
14-15 +4
16-17 +5
18-19 +6
+1 for every 2 levels

So 6-7 give you a 0 modifier. By my numbers that makes the pick method of generating attributes VERY good. You start with 10, 9, 7, 7, 5, and 4, and get to distribute 8 points any way you like without raising any stat above 12, and that is before racial modifiers. The random method is also good depending on your luck, but you will need to have your die rolls witnessed and really you could do much, much worse than the pick method. You should also make note of your favored attribute (usually based on your profession)
Finalize your Attributes (adjusting for age). Then you can calculate your secondary attributes (Defense, Health, Courage, and Renown) and reactions (Quickness, Savvy, Stamina, & Willpower). Make note of your favored reaction usually based on your profession.


The skill list is being updated. More on this to come.

When choosing your species skills, try to think about your character’s upbringing and early education. Refer to your own 3 dimensional character background form. These initial skills (INTscore x3) just represent your character’s upbringing. Remember no skill can be raised about a +6 during character generation.

Next select your personal development package. You can choose up to ONE flaw at this stage to pick a bonus edge. You get one edge for free (and any bonus edges from your race) but after that you need choose a flaw. This is a little confusing. Your options at this stage are the following:

1.) Pick a personal development package but do not pick one of the edges, saving that pick for your professional development.
2.) Pick a personal development package and pick one of the edges associated with it. You will not be able to take a professional development edge unless you acquire a flaw.
3.) Pick a personal development package and pick one of the edges associated with it “paying” for it with by acquiring a flaw. You still have an edge pick left for professional development.
4.) Pick a personal development package and pick one of the edges associated with it. In addition take on a flaw and choose a second edge from personal development. You will not be able to take a professional development edge unless you acquire a second flaw.
No matter how you do it, you can have a maximum of 2 flaws total at the end of character generation. Do not pick stupid flaws or I will pick your flaws for you.

Selecting your Professional Development package is much the same procedure. Remember every skill you pick you also need to choose a specialty for that skill (or it is chosen for you). Adding a new specialty to a skill cost the same as raising the overall skill by one point, but does not increase the overall skill.

At this stage also refer back to your profession to get the full list of profession skills and to choose your professional ability.

At this point your character is basically ready for advancement. This represents him just as he graduates from Starfleet academy or similar (Daystrom Institute, Vulcan Science Academy, etc.).

As always if you have any questions or ideas, let me know.

Character Generation

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