Treaty of Algeron


The Treaty of Algeron was a diplomatic peace treaty signed between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire.

The treaty was signed on the planet Algeron IV in 2311, two months after the Tomed Incident and approximately 160 years after the Earth-Romulan War.

Representing the Federation was Ambassador Paulo Endara, a Human male. Representing the Romulan Star Empire was Ambassador Gell Kamemor, a Romulan female. Representing the Klingon Empire was Ambassador Kage, a Klingon male.

The treaty reinforced the Romulan Neutral Zone and stated the grounds that would result in the violation by either side which could be considered an act of war. One of the stipulations of the treaty was an express prohibition of the development of cloaking technology by Starfleet. Another Stipulation was that the Romulan Star Empire would withdraw all forces from the neutral zone and recall all of its ambassadors and citizens from territories not directly controlled by the Romulan Star Empire, effectively removing the Romulans from interstellar politics.

Many saw the Treaty of Algeron as highly suspect and mysterious in its particulars, owing to the fact that the Treaty was the direct result of the Tomed Incident which remains highly classified.

Since 2311 both sides seem to be adhering to this treaty beyond a few hold outs on border worlds. Systems within the Romulan Neutral Zone are by and large left to their own defenses as neither Federation or Romulan ships are allowed to enter the Neutral Zone except for the most serious of emergencies.

Treaty of Algeron

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