Qapla Val Class

Qapla’Val-Class Battleship


The Qapla’Val-Class (meaning “Ever Victorious”) is a powerful Klingon battleship comparable to the Federation Excelsior-Class in terms of firepower and performance. A very small number of the Qapla’Val-Class battleships were completed before the destruction of the Klingon Moon Praxis, effectively halting Klingon starship production until 2334. Five Qapla’Vals are known to be in service and three others are strongly rumored to be near completion.

The most famous Qapla’Val-Class Battleship is certainly the IKS Fek’lhr which became a notorious battleship under the command of Chancellor Kravokh before his ascension to the Klingon High Council.

Qapla Val Class

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