(From the unpublished Star Trek: Enterprise source book by Don Mappin)

Personality: The typical Denobulan is exceptionally friendly, even to strangers, and possesses a keen curiosity about the world around them. Denobulans cherish new experiences and find their lives, and those of life forms around them, exceptionally satisfying and interesting. They are excellent listeners.

Physical Description: Slightly heavier-set than humans, Denobulans have a series of ridges on their foreheads, temples, and chins that set them apart. Denobulan facial muscles are much more pronounced than most other humanoids, allowing them to more easily express a wide variety of emotions. The Denobulan neurological system is also more advanced; leading to a greater sensitivity than that found is other species. Denobulans do not like to be touched and require very little rest.

Homeworld: Denobula Triaxa

Culture: Denobulan culture is similar to that of humans in many regards, although war and conflict have never been predominant in their history. During the Age of Enlightenment, many Denobulans began an inward journey that served to strengthen Denobulan society as a whole. Instead of fracturing themselves as divided individuals, Denobulans came to embrace one another and learn from themselves. Present day Denobulans are honest, open, and friendly—sometimes to a fault. They are quick to recover from their transgressions and can be humble to excess. Some consider Denobulans to be pacifists but on the rare occasion, when need necessitates it, Denobulans can also clearly stand up for themselves.

All Denobulan marriages are plural marriages, with a husband having anywhere from two to five wives, while their wives have a similar number of husbands. While some visitors find this concept hard to grasp, Denobulans are equally astonished by the singular mating rituals of other species. On Denobula everyone is related to everyone—literally. Mating season for Denobulans harkens back to their more primal history, where males and females will fight for the right to take another mate. While not fatal, the mating season
does see a marked rise in injuries across Denobula. The pheromones of Denobulan females are quite intense and clearly signify their interest in another.

Denobulans annually hibernate for six days per year and have little control over when they do so. Upon waking up they are invigorated and refreshed for the coming year.

Languages: Denobulan

Common Names: Denobulans only have given names.

Male Names: Delix, Morox, Phlox, RinixBiras, Bogga, Grolik, Groznik, Klaban, Mettus, Mog, Takis, Tropp, Tuglian, Vinku, Yolen, Zepht, Zinet.

Female Names: Anari, Andora, Asha, Daphina, Feezal, Forlisa, Kessil, Liera, Lusis, Miral, Natala, Ninsen, Phenna, Sabra, Secka, Symmé, Trevix, Vesena.

Favored Professions: Diplomat or Scientist. Because of their interest in other species and social natures, Denobulans excel at professions that provide them with new experiences. Many Denobulans participate in the Interspecies Cultural and Medical Exchange programs in an effort to learn more about other species. Denobulan diplomats tend to express an almost tireless patience in dealing with others while their friendly demeanor causes others to be at ease. For this same reason Denobulans also make excellent healers or
doctors, although their holistic methods tend to be somewhat unconventional.

Species Adjustments: +1 Intellect, +1 Presence. Denobulans are enlightened and enjoy the study of the sciences and arts. They are also social creatures, and quite friendly and open to new experiences.

Species Abilities:

Bonus Edge Cultural Flexibility: Because of their willingness to experience new situations and cultures, Denobulans feel at ease when dealing with species other than their own, receiving the Cultural Flexibility edge for free.

Bonus Edge Curious: Denobulans are eager to know how things around them work and are adept at unlocking life’s mysteries. They receive the Curious edge at the start of play for free.

Notable Denobulans
Doctor Phlox, a participant of the Interspecies Medical Exchange program, is one of the more notable Denobulans in recent history, serving aboard the Starfleet vessel, Enterprise. His ability to meet and interact with new and alien species has marked him as something of a celebrity within the Denobulan medical community. His reports are awaited with great eagerness. Doctor Phlox has been warmly accepted into the nearly all-human crew of Enterprise, and his extensive medical background has proven invaluable
on more than one occasion. Of note are some of the Doctor’s non-conventional methods of treatment, such as kinji spores and wessa root extract for mild sprains.


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