Charles Noonien Shaw


Shaw, Charles Noonien HM-128-991

Lead Systems Integration Engineer, Advanced Starship Design Bureau, Utopia Planitia Mars 2330.12-2234.06

Spec.6 Systems Engineering and Encryption

Assigned Systems Encryption and Data File Defense (DFD) Starfleet Command 2320.21
Assigned Systems Integration Team, Space Dock 01 refit project 2325.6
Assigned Systems Integration Team, Advanced Starship Design Bureau 2326.8
Assigned Systems Integration Team Head, Advanced Starship Design Bureau 2330.12

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Earth 2315.1
Daystrom Institute 2315.1-2320.21
Born 2295.7 Lancashire, Earth (MED FILE*C9ED-617-1)
Parents Henry and Mirella

Average Efficiency / CoinD Ratiing 9.8

Personal Profile: Dr. Shaw was one of the most promising engineers and systems designers in Starfleet. After graduating top of his class at MIT, Shaw began working at the Daystrom Institute creating a new type of computer system that could share information with other systems instantaneously and without relying on a central processing computer core. This new computer system became the basis of all next generation computer technology in Starfleet.

Dr. Shaw’s next task was to create an encryption code which would protect this new breed of computer system from outside influence. Dr. Shaw literally wrote the book on Data File Defense that Starfleet would incorporate into all of their systems.

Dr. Shaw was quickly picked up by Starfleet to tech its engineers and technicians how best to implement this new technology. He first worked at Starfleet Command to upgrade and protect their computer systems, then was transferred to Space Dock 01 to lead the efforts for the refit of space stations and starships.

When Dr. Shaw was only 31 he was picked up by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau to try to deal with the problem of the new Ambassador-Class. With so many highly advanced systems on one ship engineers where unable to make the ship run as one cohesive system. In his eight years with the Advanced Starship Design Bureau Dr. Shaw completely overhauled the systems integration of the Ambassador Class and shaped the foundation of shipboard systems integration.

Early in 2334 during a warp field test on board the then uncommissioned U.S.S. Nautilus there was an accident that resulted in the death of Dr. Shaw, and 77 other people, mostly members of Shaw’s team. The U.S.S. Nautilus and U.S.S. Argo were both damaged and two Orchard Class Drydocks were destroyed.

Psychological Profile: Introverted and Secretive. Let very few close to him and kept both friends and colleges at a distance. Cold, calculating, unfriendly, but brilliant. Hard working but showed a clear discontent with his working relationship with Starfleet. Despite this he had never performed at anything less than exemplary levels. Seemed to be driven to excel, but simultaneously was not proud of his achievements.

Vital Statistics: Race: Human Ht: 1.83M WT: 76.25KG Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Charles Noonien Shaw

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